While completing an Honors Degree in ceramics, Olivia discovered a love of clay and modelling. She took a three month residency in India at the Sanskrit Kendra which she described as ‘life-changing’, here she was introduced to Foundries and Casting. Before settling back in the UK, she studied at the Florence sculpture academy. She then spent a year, working for Castle Fine Arts Foundry in Wales experimenting with techniques of casting and working in metal. She works mainly in bronze using highly inventive techniques of patination and mould -making. Her current work incorporates found objects and fragments which are cast and then assembled to create her highly observed and inventive pieces. She also uses found objects on which to mount her work. history, travels, memories and inner life expressed through shapes forms and symbols which can capture and communicate universal concerns and emotions. Her time spend in India, in particular in the holy city of Varanasi has given her work a deep sense of spirituality inspired by the belief in the cycle of life, death, life. The crow is a potent symbol for her, creating its life from what has gone before, symbolic of death but also of new life arising from the remains.