Bird sculpture inspired poetry..

Anna-May Laugher recently wrote a brilliantly articulated poem inspired my bronze crow bird sculpture ‘Lifedeathlife ‘which she saw at an Artspace exhibition. She also read this for Express fm 93.7 on a programme called Write on!

Anna-May Laugher

Life Death Life Bird

You are the roses of Corvidus,
a feathered bouquet, dried collation
of ancient crow meat, sinews,
odd brotherhood of bones and blood salts
cured on a pebble beach.

Bronzed by the one
who knows gizzard and beak;
she made pocket space for viscera,
a bower of ribs
made you instrument – flute for the wind;

rrecalled in metal the rapture of wings,
you as you were,
aviator, longing for thermals
the sting of lactic in tired muscle,
or poised for flap and bounce
the dance towards your victuals.

She made you grizzled, left you ghost-eyed,
more vivid than the beady grey of glass;
she gave you gravitas; a courtesy
as if she knew of other kinds of death.

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